Michae Ormeloh---- “Thank you for opening us the secret of sounds”
“Thank you so much for profoundly revealing day.”

Francoise Stevan---- “Thanks for your generosity. You have been a light on the both I have been traveling on i.e. towards myself and the other beings and the world.”


Rama Narayana----“This workshop gave me a greater insight to OM and the mantras. I can’t actually explain, but the atmosphere of the workshop took out all the fatigue of the body, brought harmony into my feelings and peace into my mind. I am grateful.”

Auroasha----“Special and inspiring. Thank you for the work”
“Shruti, it was wonderful and life changing. I pray I can do this sadhana and be transformed. OM Mother Sri Aurobindo I am so grateful for this experience.”

Dr. Indu Khetarpal......