Lecture Series

Shruti Foundation's Shyam Benegal Program at Belfast Film Festival and Queens University U.K.

Shruti Foundation (Founder, Lady Shruti Rana) has faciltated and organised the great Indian film maker and Indian parliamentarian, Shyam Benegal's visit to Belfast for the Belfast Film Festival and the Shruti Foundation International lecture (free for public) at Queens University between 21st and 27th April, 2010, in collaboration with the Belfast Film Festival and Queens University. The event is co sponsored by Shruti Foundation, Belfast Film Festival, Queens University, The Ramada and Neotia foundation.


For more details and to buy Shyam Benegal's movie tickets online, please visit the belfast film festival url below:




22nd April:

18.00 Reception in the Canada Room/ Great Hall dependent on the numbers attending

18.30 The Shrui Foundation International Lecture (including Film clips) by Shayam Benegal (followed by Discussion between Lady Shruti Rana and Shyam Benegal at Queens Film Theatre, Belfast)

About the Shruti Foundation International Lecture Series

In April 2009, Shruti Foundation launched the Shruti Foundation International Lecture Series with its first lecture at Trinity College, University of Dublin. The objective Series is o facilitate global awareness, knowledge and empowerment with modern and  traditional knowledge systems,through tangible and non tangible methodolgies,focusing holistic technolgies, human values and ways of sustainable development in integral formats. Our main purpose to create awareness and influence students, educators, innovators, thinkers and decision makers in evolving fresh paradigms of thought, methodology and manifestation. The first lecture was in collaboration with Trinity College, Dublin, delivered by Prof. K. Ramasubramanian, founder of the Cell for Science and Technology in Sanskrit at IIT Mumbai. The theme of the lecture was “Calculus in Prose and Poetry- Contribution of Kerala School”.


The 2nd Shruti Foundation International lecture is by Dr Karan Singh at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University on Thursday, 19th November, 2009. The theme of the talk is - “The Four Pillars of Knowledge".


Dr. Karan Singh: born heir apparent ( yuvraj) to maharaja hari singh and maharani tara devi of jammu & Kashmir, dr. karan singh was catapulted into political life at the early age of eighteen when, in 1949, he was appointed regent by his father on the intervention of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Thereafter, he was head of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir for the next 18 years as Regent, as elected Sadar-i-Riyasat and lastly the Governor. Dr.Karan Singh is an author of distinction, having written a number of books in political science, religion, philosophical essays, travelogues and poems in English. His fascinating autobiography, his book on sri aurobindo entitled Prophet of Indian Nationalism, important collections of his writings entitled one man’s world and India and the worls and his essays on Hinduism have been widely acclaimed.


In 1967, Dr. Karan Singh was inducted as a member of the Union Cabinet headed by prime minister indira Gandhi. At 36, he was the youngest person ever to become a central cabinet minister in India. He is now a member of the rajya sabha( the upper house of parliament) from jammu & Kashmir. He has been chancellor of jammu&Kashmir university and benarad hindu university. He was the president of the India international centre, chairman of auroville foundation and member of the UNSECO international commission on education for the 21st century. He is currently the president of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and co-chairman of the world commission on global consciousnedd & spiritual and set up the India forum.

Dr. Karan Singh is recognized as an outstanding thinker and leader in India and abroad. He is a renowned orator, and has lectured in five continentson philosophy and culture, politics and the environment. He has composed and recited devotional songs in his mother tongue, dogri and is a connoisseur of Indian classical music. His tenure as Indian ambassador to the United States, though brief, received extensive and extremely favourable media coverage in both countries and won many friends for the country.