Purna Taleem Initiative


About SHE

For South Asian Women (SAW)  and their Diaspora”

S H E will  - Aspire, Affirm, Achieve  - for self and community.
SHE will help facilitate  SAW and Diaspora as a cohesive unit for:

  • Peace
  • Health
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable development

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Shruti Foundation commenced its  “Common Man’s Water Filter” training workshops (made on the basis of traditional wisdom and scientifically accredited) in March, 2008, and has been making, teaching and making available these eco friendly filters for the benefit of lower economic groups and institutions. This is part of the NEIV initiative of Shruti Foundation.

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The NEIV program seeks to develop vision, knowledge and leadership capabilities in the youth and works towards this goal by nurturing the youth in multifaceted ways designed by Shruti Foundation. The program is interactive, dynamic and is indeed the bridging mechanism between the complimentary projects of the foundation. NEIV workers will benefit not only from being exposed to many traditional knowledge systems, but will also learn team building, event organisation, leadership skills and networking methodologies through their involvement in the activities of the Foundation.

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A global youth exchange project between schools and communities for empowering the village and the urban child. Our first project culminated in January 2011, which created global partnerships between two Northern Ireland schools, Ashfield Girls High School and Victoria college with two Indian schools, Uma Rana Public School (Punjab) and Him Jyoti Girls High School (Uttaranchal).

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The foundation has been involved in the development and introduction of new curriculums and courses into mainstream and parallel educational institutions, for greater awareness and application of indigenous knowledge, in primary and higher education sectors. Some of these courses are

  • Integral Education – Workshops for Teacher Training and Leadership
  • Education of the SELF
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Comparative Pedagogy
  • Learning
  • Mentoring
  • Research
  • Traditional Knowledge Systems
  • Leadership
  • Indic Systems of Management, Ethics and HRD
  • Indian systems of Psychology and Consciousness Studies
  • Nada Vibronics (Skills training intensive course for integrated healthcare using vibrational wellness technologies)


Umbrella Project (NEIV Initiative): Happy School, Gurgaon

In Collaboration with Hilda Brown, the Founder of the Umbrella Project Arizona, USA, Shruti Foundation, launched this project with slum children in the Happy School, Gurgaon on 20th March, 2008. This project encourages indigenous creativity through painting one’s own environment on blank white umbrellas with fabric colors. The outcome was spectacular with children making beautiful objects, symbols and figures with form a daily part of their cultural and environmental backdrop.