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Shruti Foundation is a non- profit foundation that works towards facilitating creativity, innovation, world harmony and grassroots empowerment through collaborative research, cultual connectivity, education, application and socio- economic empowerment with arts, crafts and indigenous knowledge systems and training opportunities, environmental conservation, heritage restoration and sanitation. It facilitates accessibility to cultural heritage and native forms of spiritual, cultural, scientific, philosophical and social knowledge and methodologies as well as their applications for facilitating of wisdom and cultural knowledge systems for greater empowerment at the grassroots.

The foundation has been documenting, disseminating and engaging major issues facing Indian civilizational heritage and culture in a wide range of projects for empowering underprivileged and privileged sections of society, while facilitating global knowledge, research, awareness and universal understanding. The overall purpose is to facilitate research as well as wide spread awareness by education and application, in indigenous inner sciences and consciousness paradigms, linguistics, literate and non literate knowledge systems, life sciences, social sciences, medical sciences, culture, tradition arts and technologies and related areas, for greater awareness, innovation and empowerment of individuals and societies.

Lets Celebrate, Learn and Grow with India from the Grassroots

Our Vision

The vision of Shruti Foundation (SF) is to facilitate holistic human empowerment and Wellness through the application of traditional knowledge systems in healthcare, education and cultural awareness. It focuses on issues relating to self development, health care, pedagogy and empowerment of disadvantaged groups in India and other parts of the world, which often lack inclusiveness and holism in their perspectives. 

Our Objective

 The benefit and well-being of the individual and society on inner and outer levels of ability, creativity, expression and manifestation. The foundation’s objectives and efforts are in response to a need for a resurgent world society and sustainable living systems.

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