shruti at ramgarh shekhawati vedaaranya

Vedic Healing

Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar

8 Day Vedic Chanting Session

1.  You will understand the science of Vedic Chanting.

2.  You will learn how to chant 8 Vedic Mantras.

3.  You will understand the literary meanings of 8  Vedic Chants.

4.  How to practice Vedic Chant in the authentic Vedic intonations.

5.  How to chant OM to heal the body and increase  the power of mind.

6.  You will experience the technique of getting into a meditative state.

7.  You will learn how to heal yourself with Science of  Vedic Chanting.

8.  You will understand different chhandas in Vedic Chanting.

9.  You will be introduced to the science of healing with the Beeja Mantras.

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